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Comforting words

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My urologist/surgeon, called me at 8:30 last night (after a long evening doing surgery) to explain my pathology report and he was so, so reassuring that I didn’t even need an Ambian to sleep last night.

I had an appt with his physician’s asst yesterday who gave me a copy of the report and said I was healing nicely. However, there’s nothing like hearing from the one who peeked inside to observe and had the lab’s report.

Dr May said the path report was very good and the cancer did not get to the edge of where he cut out. Hurrah! He said that while there’s a 15-20% chance that the cancer will recur, they’ll be watching me with cat scans every 3 months, so if they ever did find anything, they would simply treat it. Now those should be reassuring words for all of us.

He ended our conversation saying that he was VERY OPTIMISTIC about my condition. Whew! Music to my ears!

I feel like cross-stitching it and putting it on my wall!

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One Lucky Girl
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Dear Dog Rescuer,

Thanks so much for the very uplifting news! I'm really happy for you. Now you can say you HAD cancer (I'm still getting used to that:-)

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There are a lot of people here that wish their doc was as positive and supportive as yours. Now I want you to spend the next 30 years or so proving him right.

God bless,


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See, There is nothing to it! Spread the good Karma!

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Awesome news! I'll bet you slept like a baby. Here's to your continued good health and recovery! :o)


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