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peau d'orange

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I've got the orange peel skin thing going on (peau d'orange). My breast is red and warm to the touch. It aches almost all the time. I've also got a lump about half way between my breast and armpit.

I had a partial mastectomy back in September. Then I did radiation. No chemo.

I've been back to the doctor several times about this. The radiation oncologist sent me back to the surgeon. The surgeon put me on antibiotics twice. They didn't seem to make much difference. So, here I am, about 5 weeks since first finding this and the ultra sound finally showed something. Just a dark spot. Prior to this all you could see was that the tissue wasn't "right." I had a mammogram last week and everything looked as it should according to the radiologist. Lots of scar tissue from the radiation and surgery.

So, finally, my question. Isn't peau d'orange also associated with generalized swelling that I might still be experiencing from having had the radiation? I finished radiation at the end of November. Maybe there shouldn't be any swelling at this point. I just don't know. You would think that with the medical oncologist and the surgeon both seeing this that if it was cancer someone would have said something to me by now. Or maybe this is swelling caused from lymphoedema. I know that no one here can really give me an answer to this one but if you have a similar story, I'd love to hear it.


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I don't know what this might be. Would you consider a 2nd opinion? I am a big fan of them, especially if I am not getting answers.

Is everyone saying the dark spot is scar tissue or what?

Like I said, I'd go for a 2nd opinion if you can, just to see what is going on. Good luck and keep us updated.

Sue :)

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I don't want to scare you, but the orange peel skin is a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer. To confirm my IBC dx, the doc did a skin biopsy of the swollen red area. I would suggest you ask for one, if only to rule out IBC.

I hope you find the answer soon, and best wishes.



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Of the same opinion of the other girls.....get it checked now! A second opinion is always right! Even a third if needed...

Wishing you the very best,
Hugs, Nancy

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I agree with everyone. Please find out what this is and don't wait.

Good luck,


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They thought mine was IBC at first but after doing a biopsy knew it wasn't. My tumor didn't show on the mammogram and it was 6cm. I ended up seeing a second surgeon with more experience because the first surgeon had only been in practice a year and didn't know how to proceed with treatment.

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IF (and that is a very LARGE 'IF') you are dealing with IBC - time is of the essence. If it is an infection/cellulitis time is also of the essence. Red, warm and pain alone shows that there is s'something going on'; add in the skin, lump , with 'dark spot' added in - another opinion is needed ASAP!

It should be quite easy for them to do a needle biopsy on the 'lump'.

There is a very good chance that there is some infection going on that is not sensitive to the antibiotics you've had - not all infections will will respond to any particular antibiotic. Either way - you need to find out what's going on now.

Thoughts and prayers.


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Megan M
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Second opinions are great or 3rd or whatever it takes to get answers. I will be praying for you and watching for any update.

Hugs, Megan

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I'll call the radiation oncologist tomorrow. He is the one that I have the best relationship with. I'll talk to him about IBC. If that's what this is then you ladies are right, I probably shouldn't have waited the five weeks that I have. Hopefully though, this is just a side effect of radiation and the removal of lymph nodes. That's what I'm hoping. So, keep your fingers crossed. I'll call first thing in the morning. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll get right on it and I'll let you know what he says.

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I have an appointment on Monday at 2:30pm. I'll keep you guys posted.

Thanks for the continued prayers.

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Good luck Sylvan on Monday. Post to update us.

Hugs, Debby

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