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I am Back !

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Hello Family! I am back from a one month jag in Florida and it was just what the doctor ordered! I feel great !

Stage IV, RUL tumor, lymphs, and brain mets----Had chemo, chest/back rads, brain surgery, and gamma-knife (a couple times) all that stuff!..but...All NED as we speak. Full body pet/ct and mri scans in about two weeks, we will see, I can only live scan to scan these days. June 1st will be two yrs since dx. Only God knows how long I have.

Sad to see all the newcomers on this site.

My 50 yr old sister in law is going to surgery wed. for a very rare (only 400 new cases/yr in US nationally) cancer tumor in her sinus/right eye area, have to go through the scull to get the tumor and may lose her right eye and sense of smell. Docs correlated it on being a bartender for 30 yrs and breathing in all the smoke. We will see.

All take care and hang in there, I see some sad posts from other countrys where treatment is expensive and out of reach....very difficult situation for them.

Love ya...>Dave

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Welcome back Dave....missed ya! I am so glad you have relaxxed some and like always, you are in my prayers. Keep up the great thoughts and work! It is hard to read and see the newbies here and read of those who have passed on. All we can do is continue to post and hand together tight and prayer for each other! Stay strong my friend!!


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... you own the title deeds on great attitude! You are an example for us all. Great to hear about the vacation (I'm planning my next junket right now), and keep firing! Also, pass on our best wishes to your sister.


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I agree, Dave. You're an inspiration! Sorry to hear about your sister.

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Hi Dave, I told my mom how positive you are. haha...
She is same like you, lung cancer, stage IV. Yesterday she just finished the 2nd round of chemo. I want to take her to Thailand by air. of course, we will wait for months or maybe a year. But I am afraid if the pressure in the cabin would be a problem for her...

uhmmm...I haven't been to U.S. yet. I am checking the flight to NYC now. Looks so exciting!

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