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I don't understand all the facets of this web-site.

The one thing I'd like to know is: How do I put my e-mail address out there so if someone would like to get a hold of me through a personal e-mail; they could?

I'm a slow study but a willing study.


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I believe I read somewhere when I started this that you either were not supposed to or were discouaged from sharing your email address. There is a CSNEmail icon on the upper right where you can allow yourself to share private messages and it would be up to you if you wanted to share your email and personal information. Mostly I have used private messages if I wanted to share something, sometimes criticism with only one person.


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iceman is, of course, right (though he meant to say upper left, rather than right - in the brown side-box, down from "Discussion Boards"). Nothing wrong with your memory iceman - the advice you remembered can be found if one goes to the Discussion Board list and scrolls down to "Other Discussion Boards".

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