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Good Report

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Got a good report from chemo doctor today. I did not have any scans just physical exam. He said he does not need to see me for one year since my colorectal surgeon is seeing me every six months. I see my colorectal surgeon May 1. I am 3 years 2 months post treatment.

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I'm so proud for you!

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Thats awesome!! Grats to you! I am sure it feels good to mark one of the numerous appts off the list for awhile. You give me lots of hope.


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BIG Congratulations! Awesome!

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Yeah! Congrats on your good report!

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Good luck to each of you going forward. I found positive attitude is a big part of the healing process with this awful disease.

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This is such great news! I look forward to the day when I have fewer and fewer appts too! Take care and stay well!

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Great news.....Wishing you and all lots more!!! You are such a source of helpful and caring information, we are always thankful for your support, glad your appointment went well.

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Great News, its always good when they tell you they don't want to see you anymore. My correctol professor told me he didn't want to see me anymore and patted me on the back, he said unless of course something is wrong. One less dr to visit. I wish continued great news.

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Music to our ears! See you in a year! Awesome. I think my oncologist must like me....she still wants to see me every 3 months and will re-evaluate at the 3 year mark which is this year. Must be my vibrant personality....lol.

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