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Rock Guitarist Ronnie Montrose Dies at 64

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Dan Fogolberg died 56, Frank Zappa 52, Johnny Ramone 55, and the list goes on and on….Donate to research!

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I wonder if they just never had a check for PC or had very aggressive forms?

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BD and Hunter,

Good points.

In the 3 plus years I've been involved with my PCa, I've never donated to anyone involved in PCa research. I just didn't think about it. Time to change. Any suggestions? Maybe AMC?

On the checking for PC .... I'm still disaapointed about the recommendations that were made to not do screening because of the possibility (and cost?) of over treatment. Now I've read of doctors not doing the screening based on the recommendations. WTH! I continue to recommend annnual PSAs and DREs.

In the US, approximately 30,000 guys die of PCa each year. 30,000 good reason to donate to PCa research and to encourage annual screening.

Thanks for the posts.

hopeful and opt...
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The Relay for Life, which is done locally throughout the USA raises money for the AMC. If you look at the tab on the left you will see "Relay for Life". I have been attending and supporting during the last three years. The charity is for all cancers, not only for prostate cancer. Since my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, this works.

Additionally I support a local non affiliatd prostate support group that does a good job.

Others are:

American Cancer Society (Man to Man)
www.cancer.org (look for "In my community" or contact your local ACS office)
National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions
www.thewellnesscommunity.org (also known as "the cancer support community") Search/Google each name along with the name of your city; check/call to determine if a PCa group is offered.
Malecare, Inc.
212-844-8369 in New York City
Canadian Prostate Cancer Network
1-866-810-CPCN (2726) in Lakefield, ON


many more links www.prostateforum.org

other support groups in southern california

www.prostateforum.org/support gro

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IMHO….The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is the leading philanthropic organization funding and accelerating prostate cancer research globally. These guys are the only organization that are “accelerating” PCa research globally…Check them out


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Agree that PCF is a great organization and I give to them generously. Many employers have programs where they match employee contributions to qualifying charities and this is something else those wishing to donate may with to investigate. My employer does this and I am able to get a twofer out of it. There are many worthwhile organizations doing some great things in research. I think that those men who are able should give to the organization that they feel good about. PCF is a great place to start looking at places to donate.


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Too bad we need to read the news about the death of “famous” people from PCa to call attention to PCa awareness, education, and charity. The death of John Doe from PCa rarely makes the headlines.

One of our 3 sons recently married his sweetheart. On their registry for wedding gifts, he and his fiancée (now wife) listed a few of their favorite charities. PCF was one of them. I’m told that beautiful acknowledgement cards from PCF honoring donations made on behalf of the newlyweds are still coming in. Yet another way to make charitable contributions for PCa research and related causes.

BTW, I’m sure charitable PCa donations are accepted from women as well as men ;)

mrs pjd

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