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Still in remission!

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Hi all!
Just want to give a qick update that mum is still in remission as from december last year! Every week is a treasure to be off chemo..! She is on the hormones (forgotten the name, but it is the same as you get in menopause) and they are helping to keep cancer steady so far. Next step is to find a surgeon probably abroad as in Sweden they are not willing to perform debulking on patients with stage 4. So Brussels or Germany or even France is an option at the moment and the Swedish government will pay within the European Union. But we need to do it soon when mum is in a fairly good condition. But first, a mum - daughter trip to Florens in Italy!
Keep up the good spirit all,
Love Sophie

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Really pleased to hear your news Sophie, I hope you have a fantastic trip to Italy with your dear mum, I am very interested about the hormone treatment, I will get mum to mention it to her Onc at her appt next week

Much love to you and mum... SueX

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Hi: I'm so glad your mom is doing well Sophie. And a trip to Italy - a real bonus! Have a wonderful time.

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