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radiation and supplements

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I just wanted to post that I have been looking into things to help protect my Mom while she is having radiation that starts next week and wanted to share with others.

There have been studies that show that taking probiotics before and during radiation helps to mitigate the side effects like diarrea during pelvic radiation. New Chapter brand was one that was recommended to me by my local health food store.

They also recommended to me that she take NAC and New Chapter Lifeshield Immunity so I got her both of those yesterday. Also to cook a lot with garlic as it has natural NAC (though he said he usually didn't recommend garlic pill supplements, prefers the food). NAC was also recommended by Sloan-Kettering as a good thing to take during both radiation and chemo as it alleviates some of the toxicity. Here is a link. http://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/herb/n-acetylcysteine

The person I spoke to also said good things about spirulina, kelp, holy basil, brewer's yeast, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. I still need to look into these for my Mom as she is also taking Lovenox so will probably try to find food sources high these things to start.

Essiac tea was also highly recommended but I don't think she can do that while on Lovenox (I know not while on Coumadin) and I'm bummed about that one as I've read wonderful things.

Anyway, just wanted to pass that along. Sorry if it's repetitive or has already been discussed.

Best to everyone,

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Was warned I'd have all kinds of side effects during 25 sessions of external pelvic radiation but had none at all.

Perhaps the following supplements, prescribed by my integrative doctor, were what helped. I can't be sure. But they included the following:

one half scoop of ProGreens in a glass of water each morning

90 mgs of zinc chelate (very inexpensive) a day JUST DURING RADIATION (as this is usually too high a zinc dosage on an ongoing basis; clinical studies show that it protects the oral mucosa during head and neck radiation, so my doctor exptrapolated to reason that it would protect my intestinal mucosa as well); take after a meal.

2-3 teaspoons of fish oil a day after meals (from the bottle, not capsules; I used Finest Pure Fish Oil by Pharmax, available online; no bad taste, either)

Based on my own research, I added 600 mgs of vitamin E succinate a day after meals; it must be succinate, not alpha-tocopherol. Dr. Russell Blaylock highly recommends it during radiation and chemo, both;

Finally: a friend who is a serious macrobiotic chef and student of macrobiotics and has been for two decades advised a bowl of miso soup daily; the seaweed in it protects against radiation.


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