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(I see you are online).
Have a wonderful birthday!!!

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Yes, have a great birthday. Enjoy that dinner out!
Love and light.

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Thanks guys!!!!
I don't know if this is true for you or not, but for me, things were pretty sketchy for awhile when I was dx. Daily home nurse care, self-injections, ICU, multiple hospitalizations, prescribed morphine....the list goes on.
To think I was there and now am HERE makes me go to my knees in gratitude.
Love and hugs to you all~

Posts: 753
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It has been almost a year for me since this horror began. Though things remain very sketchy, it is always good (unfortunately) to hear what others have gone through, to get to the "other" side. Thanks for being open. Love back at you.
( i just sent a PM to Pete to see if I could meet him on Sunday....he is in town. Wouldn't that be something else!!!)

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Happy Birthday and many many more.
Hugs, Marjan

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We've had many similar treatments. I keep in mind your one foot in front of the other philosophy, although right now things are pretty calm. I'm now on Xeloda only which isn't too difficult, was going to shrink and disappear on the Folfox. But as you know from from my other post, I'm not too excited about needing to get my butt stretched or worse.

But, enough about my butt, it is your birthday and you are doing great! You are so supportive of everyone. You acknowledge that it's hard to go through treatment but it can be done. It feels so good to see you on the other side. I can tell you relish life!

I know you'll make this birthday a great one!
Love and light to you.

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You've been through a lot and deserve to celebrate this birthday and many, many more! Hugs-Ann

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Have a wonderful day! You deserve every minute of it!

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A very Happy birthday to you. When you are old and wrinkled, change your picture ; )

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whenever i see your postings, you are always so positive.
thank you for sharing your story and your thoughts.

I'm new here over the past couple months, and just getting into my battle.
but, your words are always helpful.

One foot in front of the other!

I hope you're having a wonderful birtiday week! (yes, all week... celebrate!)

my best to you and your family.


need support
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You deserve a great day, i've only joined 2 weeks ago but your words are kind and match up with your picture very well. I wish you the best.

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Yes...Happy Birthday girlie...and many many more!

cheers, gail

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And many, many more your way!!!
Winter Marie

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Happy Birthday and thanks for all your encouragement on this board. Lisa

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Happy Birthday, did you go rolleskating wearing leg warmers :)

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