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To shave or not to shave...

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About 7 days post first chemo I noticed some slight hair loss. My doctor said day 17 would be the big day and my sisters on the board were 13-14 days. So, after a work meeting I had to attend onsite on day 14 (I am a virtual employee) I went to my stylist and told her to shave to about 1/2 inch.

If only it would stay this way! I didn't want to shave completely because I kept thinking those little stubbles would be trying to fall out and might get ingrown!

So, hear I sit wondering when it will all go.

Honestly, I feel like a dog with fleas! My head itches (was before the shave) and my scalp is quite tender.

Oh what we don't go through to look beautiful!

Take care,

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and had no problem.

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and had no problem. Simply let the remainder of the hair fall out as I shampooed my hair in shower each day. Really your choice as either way it's coming out. I found mentally when I was proactive to do something with the hair, felt more in control of fighting this disease.

Now go out and purchase some cool scarves, hats and wigs....make it fun!!


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I HAD to shave. The bristles hurt when I wore the wig. I know other people will say that shaving damages the hair follicles...I had no problems at all from shaving my head.

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My hair fell out on day 17 this time. I just trimmed the longer pieces that are hanging on. I did not shave any of my four har losses. When my head itches or burns I just rub some baby oil on it and it helps. Good luck with adjusting to you new look. I think the first time of losing your hair is the hardest. Then you realize when treatment is over it will grow back. And who knows how it will come back.

Hope you are doing well after your treatment. In peace and caring.

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A massage therapist once offered to work on my scalp. At the time, it was so sensitive (like someone had been pulling on a ponytail--except all over) I declined. But I did discover that self-massage of the scalp with light/gentle pressure and hand movements can be wonderfully soothing after wearing a hat or wig. It helps with the itchies too.

As for shaving...it seems each woman has her way of how this part of the process will go. I trimmed down my hair rather than shave it off but part of that was not wanting to let go of my teal hair (I dyed it w/a vegetable dye post-surgery and pre-chemo as sort of a living ribbon of awareness). I never lost all of my hair--got down to "baby orangutan". Now that it's starting to grow back, I have baby orangutan wisps with a couple millimeters of stubble beneath.


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The scratching and tenderness will go away in a week or two. I regretted shaving my head the second time ..at least at first because it seemed to aggravate the soreness. The first time I shaved down to about a 1/4 of an inch and it wasn't a big issue.


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Bad enough the itching but I also have flaking which I have never experienced before. Rubbing some baby oil gel in my scalp seemed to have helped the itch. Bad think about scratching is the hair is coming out that much faster.

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