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Week one down

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Dad finished week one of 5.5 weeks of chemo rads combined. We had cisplatin infusion Monday and then 5FU pump Monday-today. Rads were at esophagus and clavicle lymph. Day 1-2 were good but ol boy hit the wall yesterday. He is super tired and esophagus is burning up. I am super proud!

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Hi. Your Dad and my husband are at about the same stage of treatment. Bill had day 9 (of 28) of radiation today - he also has the 5FU pump for 5 days a week, but has oxaliplatin and taxol for his infusion (every other monday). He is not having the burning feeling yet, but they expect it to hit next week. Definitely fatigued like your Dad. The doc said to try and be active to keep his energy levels up. Glad to hear your Dad is doing ok. Good luck to him.

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My husband did a cisplatin/5FU regime just like your dad. He found that if he pre-iced the rad target about an hour before the rad appointment, he did not get the burn. Hope this idea helps your dad.

Hopes & prayers for continued treatment success!

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My Dad will be starting his 5.5 weeks early next week. Thanks for the ice advice! We are entering unknown territory here - glad to know we are not alone!

- Karrie

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Boy the 5 day 5FU is really hitting Dad hard in the mouth! He is very very sore. He had to get a lidocaine solution to help with the pain. 4 weeks to go.... Ugh

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If you're talking about mouth sores, have you tried many saline rinses and gargles a day?

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They started Saturday. I will mention that to him. The Lido rinse worked pretty good. The rad-onco also told him that the radiation pain won't hit full for two more weeks! Fun stuff.

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