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Completed second session of third round of chemo.

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I went Thursday and Friday for my Cisplatin and Taxol treatments. Both were long days, but where uneventful. Thank goodness. My labs remain good. My liver enzymes are back. To norrmal, so I continue on my daily blood thinner shots. It has taken multiple phone calls to get the insurance to approve them for six more months. I still have no symptoms of the blood clots. I do not know why approval has tobe so hard. Actually the cost is probably the big factor.

The good news besides no reactions is that my CA 125 dropped from 3240 to 2560. So that means that the chemo is still working for me.

Last session I had nausea for about 10 days continuously. I took Emend for three days. Then Zofran first and then compazine. I am going to use the compazine first this time, as it works better for me. I sure hope to have less nausea.

I also joined the " Bald is Beautiful" group. My hair fell out the previous three times starting at day 12. This time it was day 17. Don't know if the blood thinner shots made it stay in longer? But it fell out all within 36 hours. I pulled out mt stash of hats.

I had to take my sister to an ambulatory care while she was visiting. The waiting room was filled. We had to wait two hours before she was taken to an exam room. Two days after we were there I started with a cough. Today I am also hoarse. The oncologist did give me an antibiotic for 10 days. He usually tells me to go to my primary physician, but I told him she was off on Wed, and I was at Moffitt all day Thursdayand Friday, so I could not get anything until Monday. He did write me a prescription. Another hassle!

Hope all is well with everyone else. In peace and caring.

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Glad your last round went well. Hopefully switching up the nausea meds will decrease the length of time you are experiencing nausea.

Sitting in a room full of sick people...oh boy. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Take care,

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Double Whammy
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I remember how much you dreaded going back on chemo. I know it's not pleasant, but it sounds like you're doing ok. Hope the antibiotics take care of whatever you picked up in ambulatory care.


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Fingers crossed for less nausea and I hope the cough you caught is squelched by the antibiotics. I too developed a cough during my last round of chemo and was sick for a week. Not fun, on top of everything else.

Take care,

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It's so interesting how each time things are different - with hair, meds, etc. Hope the compazine does the trick and you get no nausea. And sitting in doctor's office is definitely not a good idea. I hope you don't get sicker.

At chorus practice Thursday there was a man sitting right behind me who was sneezing and coughing all over!! OMG. My neighbor moved and I should have too since I am getting over cold. It's a shame that some People are thoughtless about others and can't keep their germs to themselves.

Hope all is well today. Hugs, Mary Ann

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I was wondering how you were getting on. It's brilliant news that those numbers are dropping. Although, as we always say, they are only a number - it's how you feel that matters. And you sound like you are coping with all of this so well. I do hope that the nausea is less this time around.
Thinking of you and wishing you well

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Great news on the drop in your numbers with just one round of chemo! Now hopefully the nausea will not be so much of an issue to allow you to get back to enjoying your days. However, do take care of yourself avoiding sick people as much as possible as your counts start dropping again. Wish there was some magic to take care of those insurance issues - you don't need teh stress.

Wishing you an uneventful chemo #2 cycle.

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Ro, I am glad that the chemo is still working for you and your numbers are dropping. Good news too that your liver enzymes are back to normal.

I hope you have no nausea or at least less nausea using the compazine first.

Thats a shame, though, going through treatment and having to have hassles with insurance companies.

Sending you comforting hugs and thoughts.


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You are one tough cookie! Keep up the good work and the good spirits!

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