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my neurologist is very hard to reach, so I have called upon my family doctor to page him in order to get his attention. Let's see if this will work.
I have had headaches since my diagnosis of an aa3 aug 2010 which was completely removed through surgery. I'm on topamax now. But sometimes that doesn't even help. I get sharp stabbing then dull wrap around pains in my head. NOT migraines. I've never had headeaches prior to cancer. Now it is a daily occurrence, ever since I got out of surgery. It is miserable and interfers with my life. My oncologist used to give me lortabs, percocets. I got off of those to get on migraine medication. Now that isn't up to par. At times I feel a band of pressure from ear to ear, not on my neck, like a tension headache. If I were to press my skull inwards all around, I feel relief. I don't understand. There can also be times where I will go hours without a headache or hours with a headache. Minutes with a sharp snap of pain or more. It always varies.
Has anyone else felt anything similar to what I am feeling?

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