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Fingernail Deformities - Indicator of Cancer?

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Here's another post-hoc observation from my experience w/PCa.

About a year before my PCa was diagnosed, I developed deformities in my fingernails -- ridges, clubbing and spooning on various fingers. This concerned me enough to read up on it and the literature was suggesting an iron deficiency. So, I called my PCP at Kaiser to get tested for that. No deficiency and a consult w/a dermatologist was of no value.

My cancer was then diagnosed and treated w/CK a 18 months ago and the fingernail deformities went away. Fingernails look completely normal now. My GF noticed and commented on this phenomenon before I realized it.

Did a quick search and found some articles that suggest some correlation between breast, lung and skin cancer and nail deformities, but no connection w/PCa mentioned.

Just wondering if anyone else here experienced any nail deformities before their PCa diagnosis that were later "cured" following PCa treatment.

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My big toe nails turned into major "scoops" after I started Chemo. Had to buy extra depth shoes. Still on Chemo and still have scoops.

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if the improvement that you observe in your figernails are due to an improved diet or life style change. As I recall, you were diagnosed with a low volume, low aggressive cancer within your prostate gland, a long way from your figernails.

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One could also see the reverse of the things. That is to say; Can we treat our fingernails to get better on PCa?
Let’s recall that ketoconazole (a second-line hormonal treatment) is in fact a drug for fungal infections.


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No change in diet or lifestyle and no other "diseases" acquired during that time that might have affected fingernail growth.

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I also experienced nail changes before diagnosis. But considered it a sign of aging. Your post reminded me of a book Iread a very long time ago that mentioned nail issues as disease indicators. I will try to locate that book again, I haven't seen it for years.

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