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A sad sad day

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Posted on the FB group:

Mary Lewis Ruble
Chad passed away peacefully this morning after a 28 month battle with stage IV EC. Chad "lived" with cancer almost the entire time, traveling and doing the things he had always wanted to do. We feel blest to have accompanied him on his journey.

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I am not on fb. May he rest in peace. God bless his family.


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Ginny thank you for sharing this post. Mary and Chad are two the pioneers I looked to for advice, could ask questions, etc. RIP Chad. Another angel to watch over us.


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Thank you for bringing us the news. Like Gerry, I'm not on Facebook, so would have missed this information.

Mary - Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Hold your memories of Chad close.

Prayers of support and strength to you.


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Hi Ginny,
Can you add me to the fb group, please?

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So sad to hear of another loss to EC. Mary got me on the FB group. What a struggle and what a fighter he was. May he and his family have much peace now, no more EC.

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Thank you for passing this news on to us here at CSN.

My heart is with Mary and her family tonight. Chad was such a light that when far too soon.

Lee Ann

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I am saddened to hear of Chad's passing. He is the Lord now and no longer suffering. The ones he left behind are hurting. My prayers are with you.


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