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so sorry !!

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Well I have had such a bad week so im going to write it all down please take time out for me. It started with mom in law being dx with vascula dementa so trying to sort out all sorts of things, then my mom went in hospital to have a plate in arm, ( she fell 8 mths ago and hasnt knited together so a pin and plate was kneeded ). My daughter is 7mth pregnant and is worried because she is big for dates and going for scan tomorrow, my husband went to see oncologist today and on chemo break, after 16 rounds of chemo no cure but just getting on with it, went to see how mom was and my dad who is 84 had a right go at me upset my pregnant daughter and told us to get out, how can I cope with this all!!! I try so hard to sort everyone out I have no sisters and my husband is the only one. Hoping things will improve, to add to all this I work in a hospital. Giving my love to all and hoping things will get so much better for you.

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My dear, sounds like you are trying to be everything to all those in your life.

You are definately having a rough go of it.

You need a 'just for me' break..even just an hour or two.

Remember there are some things we can control and some we can't. As for the 'elders', it sounds like their issues are not ones you can control. Is there some sort of social service where you live that could help you through what needs to be done?

As much as we each wish we could make things right for each of our loved ones, we are only human. Reach out for whatever help you can get for each of the issues. Asking for help does not deminish your love or concern.

Hope that each day improves for you and each of your family memebers.

Bunches of hugs,

Marie who loves kitties

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Sorry, but glad you came here. When it rains, it surely does pour. Hate that you have to go through any of this.
I agree, get whatever breaks you can get, away from it all. You really can only do so much.

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Wow it really sounds like you are having a whole lot on your plate right now. Take one day at a time and try to rest and take care of yourself. I will pray everything comes together for you.

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