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What items make you feel better?

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Hi, I'm a cancer survivor who is working to help other patients/survivors.

Thinking about your treatments and side effects, physically, mentally, etc.

What type of items could someone give you to help make you more comfortable.

Example: I had dry mouth and nausea - fruit flavored hard candy helped. Reading helped me pass the time during chemo and transfusions.

Your feedback is appreciated. No idea is too small to list.

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A throw to use during chemo...I froze! A journal to keep track of what your feeling.

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An iPod with music you love or something uplifting. Also, a tv Playing non-stop comedies. My choice would be 'I Love Lucy' or 'Golden Girls.'

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A soft long rectangular scarf,it can be used as a shawl, head wrap, or muffler around neck inside coat. In the summer you can then use it as a beach wrap!

A box of dark chocolate..antioxidants!

1 hour of help around the house, vacuuming, laundry, dishes, garden work, etc.

Magazine you know they have an interest in.

Offer to take a short walk with them, it would be good for you both.

Pretty pill box.

Go for a coffee or a smoothie.

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Your time...Someone to come sit by my chemo bed and tell me you survived and so will I. Tell me YOUR story! Debrajo

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