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What items make you feel better?

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Hi, I'm a cancer survivor who is working to help other patients/survivors.

Thinking about your treatments and side effects, physically, mentally, etc.

What type of items could someone give you to help make you more comfortable.

Example: I had dry mouth and nausea - fruit flavored hard candy helped. Reading helped me pass the time during chemo and transfusions.

Your feedback is appreciated. No idea is too small to list.

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You're right about that...hard candy definitely has been an item that makes me feel better. It is something I have found late in my own care. I tried jolly ranchers at first, but those had a filmy flavor so I switched to starlight mints right after the holidays. I loved the candy canes and missed them after the stores stopped selling them.
While on temodar and a few months after, I swore by ginger ale. I would take the nausea pill as needed, but the ginger ale helped on the spot or as needed on the go.
I always took temodar right before bedtime to prevent a lot of nausea during the day.

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I made my sister promise to work out through the radiation and the chemo.There are time when she could just walk a mile, sometimes took a nap instead. But most of the time she could run 2.5 miles. She felt so good after running. I kept telling her that exercise is an independent prognostic factor in glioma survival. Radiotherapy and chemo were a piece of cake for her. She could still socialize, work full time. I give exercise a lot of credit. I know it is hard, but beating cancer is hard.


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I agree with staying active. This has to be #1 on the list of surviving any type of cancer for any length of time for any length of treatment, through any battle.
Radiation and chemo is a knock out treatment, it will knock you out. Chemo will knock you out too, but temodar hmmm. I could never work out. I still can't. I find other ways to stay active and socialize, or get out of bed. I find that I feel a lot better when I'm out of bed and showered. Getting out of bed and cleaned up is half the battle but I feel so much better when I am. I don't like having to take all of the pills that I have to take, but once the regimen is done, I feel better. Staying active is #1.

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