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Crazy, Sexy Cancer---really????

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This post is written with the newbies in mind, but maybe others can relate:
When I was dx in 2009, I read just about every inspirational cancer book I could find. There was something good (in some cases if I looked hard enough) from each of these books, but the rah-rah-rah really got to me, especially when the cold, hard, brutal treatments began.
What made it easier for me was realizing that is was going to very difficult, but by slogging along, I COULD get through it.
On good days I didn't want to go skydiving, or Rocky Mtn. climbing like the country song "Live like you were Dying,"exhorts, I simply wanted to live. For me that meant sitting quietly in the sun with my children and pets, or going for a walk....
One of my favorite get-well cards read on the front, "Someday you'll look back at all of this...." and on the inside, "And say, 'Well, that sucked!'"
Point being is that it is hard...anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. But you can get through it.
One step at a time~
Stage 3 rectal, now NED, mother of 7-year-old identical twins, wife, mother, friend and general all around bad influence.

Cathleen Mary
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I loved this post...so true!
I am an identical twin...and love being so. Enjoy yours.
Cathleen Mary

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P.S. Shortest post you'll ever see from me, LOL!


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Wow Craig, that is all you have to say?

So true, one day and one step at a time.
Even on the darkest days, if you look, there is always something to smnile about, even when the going is hard.

Cancer sucks, we all know that.
Hugs, Marjan

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I love this post. I read many a book and article too. While I am still in treatment, I am at my happiest hanging out at home with my husband, taking a walk in the woods with my dogs, spending time with my 22 year old daughter, and like you I simply want to live. I am so thankful for all that I have and it's all that I need.

And I look forward to the day when I'll look back on all of this and say "it sucked". Because it does. It is hard. I told a good friend last night that it's a good thing you don't know every little and big thing you're going to have to go through when you're diagnosed.

Anyway, thanks for your insight and the reminder to go one step at a time.

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Everything changes by kairol rosenthal was the best book that I read in which I could really relate to and find strength. And basically other than the resources, it delves into candid stories of young adults dealing with cancer. I saw the documentary crazy sexy cancer and although I found it very good, I couldn't help but think that she was diagnosed with a slow growing disease...yes, it was stage 4 but she had time...time to try things without going through any conventional therapies. Time is what we all want...most of us anyway. My mom has been dealing w/ this for 2 and half years and we're still waiting for NED to give her a call, but we have hope. My mom enjoys the simple pleasure of listening to waves crash onto the beach while soaking in warm rays of sunshine.

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I loved your post...so relevant, true and sincere. The biggest mountain I tried to climb during and after cancer treatment was getting in and out of the YMCA swimming pool...and let me tell you, that felt like a mountain most days!

"Minnie" diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer at age "49" in 2010. NED in 2012!

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That IS a really funny get-well card, TC.

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funny x4......sorry for duplicates

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I soo agree!!!

Gail :)

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absolutely sums up my whole feeling about the cancer experience. And I don't think the words "cancer" and "sexy" ever belong in the same sentence, no matter how hard People Magazine may try to sell us on the concept. Thanks for being a bad influence-that's my favorite kind! Ann

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I loved those books, I read them while going through chemo. But I know what you mean. I had a hard time finding books that I could relate too, they always seemed to think that the cancer patients were all in their 50's. I was diagnosed at 40. There seems to be books for younger than 40 or books for older.

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My experience exactly Christine. Too old and too young.
But...cancer is an equal opportunity 'employer'. You're never too old, too young, too black or white, male/female or whatever.
However I was not 'sexy' while undergoing tx, but I sure felt crazy....however, I don't think it was in the same way the author meant.

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