Pain in left side of my chest below my rib cage

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I'm a smoker and I can't visit a doctor this month. In late December I started to get a pain in left side of my chest below my rib cage. The pain get more severe at the top and bottom of each breath. On a scale of 1-5 the pain being a constant 2-3 with a 4 at the top of each breath. I was short of breath and could only sleep on right side of my body. Any attempt to try to take a full breath the pain would literally stop me from completing the breath and I would feel a sharp pain.
Can this pain be a symptom of cancer? What is the most probable cause? I read about lung cancer, precordial catch syndrome, angina.

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pain in left side
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    Question #1: What do you mean by "this month?"
    If that means all of March, I would say it's really a bad idea to wait that long. What you're describing could be anything or nothing, and nobody here is about to diagnose it. You've got a whole lot of important stuff on the left side of your body. Even if it correlates with breathing, I wouldn't say it's necessarily your lungs. An inflated lung can exert pressure on other structures even if there's nothing wrong with the lung. But it certainly could be a lung problem, also.

    Since you're describing a constant level of pain that gets worse with breathing, you really need to get looked at.