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Cathleen Mary
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I did meet with the liver specialist yesterday. His response to rising CEA and liver enzynmes (with clean CT) is to schedule MRI of liver. If that is negative, a liver biopsy.
He was great at explaining the numbers and the possible outcomes. Although I don't look forward to any of it, I feel comfortable with the plan.
Thanks for your support.
Cathleen Mary

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Joined: Oct 2011

It is always reassuring for me when I can have a candid explanation of what is to come with my medical staff. Like you, I find assurance in knowing all I can--it provides a sense of ease for me to digest the information and place it rationally into what is to be expected. Best of luck to you.

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Glad to hear you are facing it with shoulders squared and a 'can do' attitude.
best of luck with all of this craziness :)

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It always puts the mind at ease to know what can and might happen.
A pplan of action becomes then easier.
Still in my prayers and thoughts,

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