Mom needs Gammaknife

I know there is a good handful of peeps who have had Gamma knife, but I can't remember who and what it was like? Mom just took a blow yest. with the neurosurgeon that the monster appeared and its the size of a tic tac on the LT side of her Brain. They have been watching, but since the last MRI 3 mos. ago it has gotten a little bigger.

Mom's choices are she could wait 6-8 wks and re do an MRI and see if any change and continue that process till it does again or just sched. the Gamma knife and be done with it. Doc states if it was his Mother he would just do it and be done since we know you already had a good size tumor removed a yr ago so it's deffinitely cancer trying to come through.

I'm not sure why Mom was producing Niagra falls yest. was it the surprise or the part they he explained about numbing her forehead and placing screws to her forehead??

Could someone share some light on this with your personal experience so I could share it with Mom please?

Thanks and God Bless!