Don't know If this Is Stomach Cancer?

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Can anyone tell me please can you be overweight and have stomach cancer.I keep gaining weight and can't seem to get rid of it.Tummy swells up like i'm 9 months pregnant getting awful pains in my right side under my ribs just after i eat and feel nauseus all the time get really bad burning in the belly button region and burning up my throat also.I suffer from fluid retention all over and been getting headaches daily also.I weigh 100 kilos can't sit for long as i get very sore under my right ribs and across my stomach feels very tight.Can anyone else tell me if they have similar things as my grandmother died from stomach cancer.


  • have2believe
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    definitely get it checked out
    Your symptoms show a sign that somethings up, though of course it may not be cancer or any disease at all. I'd go get an endoscopy where they put a camera inside your stomach and/or ct scan and see what they say. Best of luck.