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Thyroglobulin at 2....do RAI again?

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I had my total thyroid taken out and multiple lymph nodes taken out. Both my thryoid and some of the lymphnodes tested positive. Before I took the RAI my thyroglobulin level was at a 22 and my scan showed that I had activity in my neck. After 1 year, my scan came back clear but my Tg level is at a 2. So my question is...do I do RAI again? My doctor said it was up to me. Kinda confused on whether or I should wait or go for it again. I have one son but would like to have a second child. My doctor said I could go ahead and get pregnant and then when I'm done get tested and see where I am and if my number went back up I could do it then or I could just go for the RAI treatment again right now. I feel very conflicted about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I would recommend getting a few second opinions from a few thyroid cancer specialists if you're in a position to do so. That seems like a big thing to leave up to you to decide just like that. If the Tg is still present a year after your last RAI, maybe it would be good to try a PET scan to see if they can find the source that way. Sometimes thyroid cells become resistant to RAI/iodine so it might be helpful to know where it is even before dosing to see if another RAI reaches it. I've had a few big decisions in my journey thus far and am a strong believer in seeking out second opinions for better understanding and peace of mind.

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