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Breast Cancer/ Lymphnode under armpit

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I have a ? I have stage 4 breast cancer and had my left breast removed and while doing so my surgeon removed 5 outta 6 lymphnodes under my left armpit..he had to leave the one lymphnode in cuz it was so clustered and jam packed in there he couldn't get to it..and now my left arm is in so much pain it hurts..an I had a petscan done awhile back in Nov. 2011, the lymphnode grew 18mm. and this month it grew 20mm..and I had a doppler done on my arm, the dr. wanted to make sure I didn't have a blood clot in the arm, and it showed no blood clot..thank god..but It sure hurt underneath where the lymphnode is..the reason I had stage 4 breast cancer is because it started on my neck a big lump and it turned out to be three lumps, i did the hard chemo first and it knocked it out the ball park, and then Im on the lesser chemo now, but had to quit that for a while cuz of the nerve neuropathy, but I have one more session to go and I am done..but I am worried about the lymphnode under the armpit, its really causing me pain in my arm..I will get the results this thurs..what worries me is the radiation!! I was loaded with cancer, neck, breast, collarbone and all my lymphnodes under my left arm..which I couldn't believe..I've held it in..pretty good..I'm still in state of shock, which my family can't believe I've done this good..if anyone can help me..I would appreciate it..Thanks.

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I understand about being Stage IV... I am too.....I want to address your concerns about radiation....you've had the big guns, "" chemo"....trust me, after going through chemo, you can do radiation...!!! I am going on my third round of it....first after my first go round with breast cancer, after a lumpectomy, and chemo....33 treatments...I was disease free for 19 months...it came back this past June in my clavicle lymph nodes...had 25 rads treatment for that....went on oral chemo for 7 months...had scans again, last week....it showed 3 small spots on my brain...I have my third of 10 rads for this, this morning....then I go back on IV chemo every 2 weeks....ugh....my point is radiation isn't as bad as chemo...it's tiring, as you have to go Monday- Friday....use the creams they give you, religiously....I never burned at all....it's a bit scary the first time...fear of the unknown.....but you quickly get used to it....and you can do it! We're stronger than we know......

Please keep us posted...we truly care...I wish you the very, very best!
Hugs, Nancy

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