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lymph node

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I had my 6 month post treatment ultrasound and there was a small lymph node ~5mm there. Doc said 'not to worry' so of course, I worried. She said it did not have any characteristics of cancerous lymph nodes, but I'm concerned why it might be slightly larger. Anyone know more about that? I am still paranoid that everything is cancer :<

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That is a very small lymph node....it would be much larger if there was tumor involvement.

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I also had the same thing happen to me however my Thyroglobulin is 17.9 and since I don't have a thyroid and they removed over 50 nodes they think it should be less than two. My ultrasound showed a small node but the doctor on site said it looked normal. However since my Tg was at 17.9 my doctor is having a second ultrasound done, a CT and a bone scan (just to make sure it is negative).
Are your Tg levels high?

Hope all is well!

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no - it is low right now. i just have no idea what causes the one lymph node to enlarge (?)

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... 5mm is not enlarged. Anything under 1cm is for the most part normal - barring under abnormal characteristics.

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I am still learning, and the info here tends to be so much more pertinent that if I try to find the answer with a google search - I appreciate the info!

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