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port infection

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Has anyone had a port infection? My mom has a little fluid filled bump near her port and I am afraid she could have an infection.

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It could just be a blister reaction from the clear dressing or tape that is put over the needle. Have the nurse look at the bump.

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The chemo nurse who finished my mom's treatment noticed it last Friday, mentioned it, but didn't say anything bad about it. I just don't want her to blow it off and end up with an infection. I agree that it could just be a blister from the tape. She has had reactions to tape in the past.

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If the area is red or hot, insist that she be checked for infection. I have a friend who had a serious infection of his port, which his wife had to insist on having removed before it could heal.

If it's just a bump - no redness, not hot or sore, less likely to be an infection.

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