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Trying not to panic...

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My husband had a PETSCAN last week after 6 rounds of chemo and it seems like some of the bone metz look better but then they see new ones which it could be a number of things. But what is scaring me is the fact that now they see a small spot on one of his lungs. He has been getting very aggressive chemo and it spread?? We started with stomach cancer that went to his bones / lymphnodes and now his lung? I haven't told him yet as we have another chemo this week and then a meeting with the dr so I figure it would be better to tell him then. But in the meantime I am going to make myself sick. Has anyone else had to deal with stomach cancer spreading like this?

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How does everyone handle all of this insurance crap! He gets a shot the day after chemo and the dr's office charges one rate - which gets paid to a point by the insurance. Well they just moved into a new cancer wing at the hospital itself and now the hospital does the billing. They charged 12 times the amount for the same shot!!! What the hell is that? They claim it is correct! Needless to say the insurance won't pay it and sends me notices saying my responsibility. UGGGGGGG This day just gets better and better!!

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My husband is having surgery Monday for his third round with throat cancer. We have been very lucky in that it hasn't spread out of his throat area.

Our insurance has been wonderful and pretty much covers everything. Insurance pays the "agreed on"rate that the insurance has agreed to and it's been pretty seamless.

Hang in there... ((hugs)) this is a tough road.

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