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Advice, please

Cathleen Mary
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I was diagnosed in July of 2009 with stage II colon cancer. Chemo was not recommended. For the last year my CEA has been slowly rising. It was 7.5 pre-op and 1.5 a few weeks post-op. It is now 4.5. My liver enzymes have also been rIsing and are now 4 and 5x normal. Scan is clear. My oncologist has arranged for me to see a liver specialist this Wednesday. Any advice on what questions to ask or anything specific that I should be looking for from him? Thanks so much. This board has been such a great resource for me. Thank you.

I am remembering Lisa on this the day of her memorial service.

Cathleen Mary

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I just don't know what I can say...I did not have a CEA rise or the liver/lung or other problems. Mine stayed to the rectal and lymph nodes. What I can say is I wish the best outcome for you and a smooth and easy treatment if that is what comes your way.....But on the other note, I hope you see a turn around and have days of health for the next 75 years or so...


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You are describing the same series of events I have been through. I had my diagnosis and colon resection in October 2009 and my CEA went down from 1.5 to 0 right after surgery. My stage was IIA and one doctor said chemo was optional and the second opinion was I did not need it.

A few months later it started rising steadily up to 2.o My CT scans were clear. Onc said he wanted to repeat the CT scan in a few weeks but instead I asked for an MRI. The MRI showed small lesions on my liver. After the MRI my onc sent me for a PET scan, which was also clear. So then he had me do another CT scan, which was also clear.

What do do was problematic because they clearly saw spot on my liver but only in an MRI. I went to a liver oncology surgeon and he said he felt the spots were small mets but since they could not be confirmed on PET or by CT I had two choices: "exploratory" surgery or wait a few months to see if the grew bigger and would light up a PET or show up on CT to be sure they were mets.

I opted for the surgery immediately and that resulted in a confirmation of mets to my liver. This was in June 2011. I've just finished 12 rounds of Xelox. My CEA has been rising again during the chemo. I won't have scans till five more weeks.

Don't be afraid to ask any question you wish at the liver surgeon. He may recommend a PET. IF this is clear like your scans then request an MRI.

Cathleen Mary
Posts: 827
Joined: May 2011

Thanks to both of you. I think I may ask for MRI. Colon cancer is rampant in my family...my Dad, 4 maternal aunts, and 2 cousins. All had mets to liver.
I appreciate your responses . I will let you know what happens. I tested negative for Lynch syndrome.

Cathleen Mary

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