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feeling good and loving life

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I know this sounds crazy but I am somewhat thankful for my PC. I never took time to really vacation with my family or enjoy my kids. This week we went to Mexico and I really enjoyed the trip I even shut down my phone and laptop. I went with my 10 yr old daughter scuba diving and really loved it. We ended up buying a place to come back to and spend time together. I never would have done this so quickly prior to my my PC diagnosis. I realize that so far I am lucky and do feel a little stress with my next PSA in less than 20 days but it is what it is and if I worry about it it and let it rule my life I will miss out for sure. Right now all I can do is look at the ocean and enjoy the moment. It is not easy but I am so thankful I hopefully caught it early for and all the support I got from the memebers on this sight. Keep fighting and ABP, always be posative.

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Now you're getting it! We have time shares in Cancun. Life after PCa is actually pretty good. It makes you smell the roses.


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Smell the Roses

What a great advice that is.
Yes, we can relate much unusual or uncommon behaviour since found with PCa. I like the thought of spending more time with the family and going on sightseeing trips for the sake of “smelling roses” or what else. But Hunter’s idea of a real estate purchase in Mexico is more appealing and healthy than the “Medical Tourism” suggested before in this forum.
May I recommend you to relax and do not predict results (positively or negatively) before they arrive. Think about the wonderful moments you had with your daughter in the “deep” (without the sharks) but the little fishes.

Similarly to you I decided to get in the real state properties. I got a 1 hectare land where I plan to build my new home and grow Asian Veggies. My wife is supportive in this project and I can “smell” them afterwards. LOL

Good luck to you both.

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