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hi everyone,

2 years ago i've done total thyroidectomy and after 1 year i'm suffering severe depression.i research for the internet and i found out i'm having bipolar disorder. is there anyone who can advice me what to do i'm having low energy and no interest to do anything that was funny for me before.i'm having treatment for this but still i need someone to talk and advice me.need a friend also.


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I know it gets tough. I cry lots and can get really down. Talk to a doctor to see if a prescription can help. Acupuncture and vitamin d helped me a lot. We are all here for you.
You are not alone!

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hi iggymurphy,

thank you for the reply. sometimes i cry for nothing i don't have any problem i just feel down i don't know why.but i'm helping my self also it good that i found this webcite i found others who have the same cituation.


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check your vitamin levels... your D might be very low

it is hard sometimes cause no one seems to know whats wrong or how to fix it... then other problems come up and its always a question of is this caused by.... instead of finding out the true reason..

Myself I am 1 3/4 years cancer free and still having issues do to many different causes... and since I have all these different issues it is always hard to get the doctors by the well maybe its you thyroid issues or the fact your over weight or hypertension or vertigo / dizziness or that cyst on my brain.... or arthritis.... once we get past all of these can i find out if its a new problem....

you will find out in the months ahead that you end up being your own advocate for medical or it wont get done...

please ask every question you can think of cause someone has had something similar or can rule something out and help

or just chat....

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hi nasher,

thank you for the advice. i maybe low vit d bucause maybe my dosage is not enough. i'm also taking vitamin d since after my operation.i found this webcite very imformative and i got help mentally.


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I think it's important to know that depression is a common side effect of what we've all gone through. If you can recognize it for what it is, what is causing it and that it's a normal response, then I think it's easier to deal with it.

I think that one of the best ways to fight depression is to force yourself to exercise as much as you can. It seems to me that when I feel depressed, I haven't been getting the exercise I should, and that I can usually reduce the feeling by getting more exercise.

Hope this helps,

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Dear bituin,
I had a TT in December of 2010 and have struggled to get the levels of my meds right ever since. I never have struggled from symptoms of depression until a few months before I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Just this March I finally convinced my doctor to let me go on a joint protocol of t3 AND t4 and it helped with the symptoms of depression tremendously. My intuitions have been reconfirmed about what I needed. I went through the cancer overseas, am switching to a new doctor in the states, have been without t3 for only a week and I'm starting to feel the depression coming on again. My hope is that once he sees my latest results and levels he'll get me back on t3 as well.

It doesn't solve everything - I exercise regularly, eat only healthy foods and very little carbs. I know my med levels are low, because I still put on a little weight exercising every day and eating almost no carbs - a bit depressing itself - but my hope is that my numbers will confirm what I'm feeling and my doctor will come through for me. If not, I'll surely fight the fight with him for the meds that I know I need. The feelings of sadness are generally gone on t3, but I still have issues with motivation at a deeper level that I never had before...
We're all here to listen...

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