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Prognosis: 30 days

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That is what my wife was told in January. Of course I knew I was sick, but I always felt that I was going to recover (though my internist did openly recommend hospice to me)

Bladder blockage, kidney failure, a leg that looked like a sausage about to explode, blood clot behind the knee, fluid in the space between my lungs, completely bedridden, OK, I can see where they were coming from.

February has been much better. Kidneys work with the aid of a stent, swelling has gone down (I suspect that my left thigh was nearing 40" in circumference, compared to my right which is around 19") so my legs look almost the same size.

The muscles and tendons in the left leg have atrophied to the point where I need to relearn to walk. Currently it is a struggle to get from the bedroom to the living room, let alone do normal things like take a shower.

Sorry I have not kept up to date, but even I was getting bored hearing about my health, that and typing on the tablet is a pita.

For the record, all of my issues were CANCER related. What brought about the improvement from near death? Folfox. Because of chemo, I am going to be around for quite a bit longer than 30 days.

Thanks for reaching out, love you all!


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Awesome, just totally awesome. I

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Oh, Blake, so sorry you've really been through the grind lately. Sounds like your improving with the chemo.....great to hear :)

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i am glad you are improving and i wish for you to continue on this road. john

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You are the ultimate survivor. What an inspiration. I to think i had the nerve to complain about a blood clot. Keep fighting brother. We can all learn a lot from you.


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I'm glad to hear of your situation improving...all of us have been very concerned and sometimes not hearing can make one's mind wander.

What a relief to hear things are on the upswing...

You think I'd ever be able to write one of my posts on a tablet or smartphone?


Hey, at least they would be shorter:)

Take care, man and continued improvement for you.


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Keep fighting! The fact that FOLFOX is keeping the nasties at bay makes me want to go back on it (well...I have to think about that!).

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So very good to hear from you and especially great that you are finally on the road to recovery, but what a bumpy road! Hoping you get stronger each day. Now see, I thought pita was just a type of bread. Us old folks learn new things every day.LOL

Luv Ya,


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HOURAH!! FANTASTIC, so good to hear some better news. Ofcourse you have some ways to go, but so far it is awesome.
Glad to hear you are doing better Blake.

hugs, Marjan

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If don't mine will send you a PM as I'm a little scared now to see how just a node can complicate things!.
Hugs my dear friend hope to share with you lots of things in the next 30 years!

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Are nothing to sneeze at, they are as deadly as the cancer. My wonderful wife, who had the nerve to tell the doctors where they could put their hospice, gives me shots twice a day for mine (caused by laying in bed 24/7). I did it once, but the wimp in me is afraid to stick myself with that needle...

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Oh, that's great news, I'm so glad that you're doing better. :-) Keep it up!


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Awsome news! So very glad you are improving so much.

Glad you kept up the fight. Keep on doing it and tell your doc when he gets ready to retire you want an invite to the party!

Best wishes to you and your wife.

Marie who loves kitties...and a great come back story!

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So glad to hear you're on the upswing. I had been wondering about you, knowing from your posts that things were rough.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Speaking for myself, I know I want to know how people are doing but understand when posting can get tedious when one is just struggling to get through the day.
Keep up the good fight.

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that the chemo is working for you! That is such wonderful news! You have really had a rough start to this year but it sounds like things are starting to turn around for you.....love to hear that kind of news! Keep getting better! Teri

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I LOVE that you are going to be around! Awesome that the chemo is working. We are not tired of hearing about you. We missed you and hope to hear from you more.


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So very glad things are improving. Keep on keepin on!
Love to you


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Thanks for sharing your good news. It's a great start to the day. Lisa

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i know you have had it really rough lately but i am very glad you are showing improvement.hang in there as that is all we can do is just try and hang on to each day.just know you are in my thoughts and prayers....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Just want you to no I thinking of you.

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I'm glad to hear you are doing better. sounds like that was a scary one...


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Nana b
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Word that I like to hear! Survivor!!

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Glad to hear that Folfox is working for you. Makes those "pesky side effects" worth it when I hear how well it works. Prayers for your continued response and positive thoughts for building back strength and muscles so you can enjoy that IPad.

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Kenny H.
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Way to hang tough and dont ever give up Blake.

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My goodness you've been through the wringer!!!
Very very good news to hear the chemo is kicking in. It really is a wonder drug.
Keep up the good--scratch that---excellent! work that you're doing.
(And kudos to your wife for doing the injections. I had to inject 2x a day and really struggled with it.)

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Hey, Blake.

Praying for you, and I'm SO glad you're still kicking!


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Hello Blake:

So good to hear from you....not soooo good to hear that you've had a rough time....I am a bit relieved that Folfox seems to kick the cancer's butt, but...it should do a better job! We need you here longer than 30 days...even if I start counting it from today!!! We're selfish...or...I am! So either way, you need to be around with us!!! :) And I'll be crossing my fingers (and toes) for you...but update a bit more often otherwise, even I who is not having any chemo will feel extreme numbness through my fingers (and toes).
All the best!!! Can't wait to hear from you soon!
- Sophie

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I am thrilled to hear of your improvement. Spring coming!


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