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I miss my mom it's been 2 months and I am having a harder time now than when she passed away :((

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I am just so sad, my head hurts, my heart aches, I miss her so much. The pain is not getting easier, it's getting harder. I cannot stop thinking about her every minute of every day. I just don't know how to cope.

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Teena, there are stages of grieving but sometimes we get stuck in one and need a little help.

Have you considered seeing a counselor to help you through this?

I lost my mom April 2011 and just recently realized how overwhelmed and sad I am. I found a counselor to talk to. Maybe it would help you, too. It's worth a try :)


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It hasn't been that long since your mom left you and it does take time. My mom died in 1989 and I still miss her, but it does get easier. If you're really having a bad time, is there anyone you can talk to? I had an aunt that was like my second mom and she helped me alot, but she's gone now too.
So maybe if you don't have someone close who can help you, you should try to talk to a counselor. They really understand and can help alot.
My hubby died on Mar. 25, 2010 and I had to see a counselor for about 10 months. If I wouldn't have gone, I think I would have had a nervous breakdown.
Good luck!! Remember, we're all here for you. "Carole"

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I have a lot of great friends that listen and I have a sister I'm close too that listens and relates so it's not that I don't have a good support system. My husband is great and I have 3 amazing children - I just find, I don't see it getting easier. I just can't see it. I know it's not even 3 months yet but I just miss her deeply and think about it every minute. Even if I'm out, even if I'm at work, even though I'm super busy I still manage to have the thought of missing her so much.

thank you both

Carole, I am so deeply sorry, gosh, I just don't understand this part of life.

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My mum died almost 3 months ago. I am turning 11 soon and im really sad that she is not going to be hear celebrating it with me.

good luck,

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I am so deeply sorry for your loss. You are so very young to have lost your mother and my heart goes out to you and your family. I can only hope with the love around you, you will be comforted. Be well Yazzi.

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yazzi, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, i pray you are happy these days~and enjoying your life as much as possible. 

praying for you~blessings, jennie

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I hope that time makes the pain ease. For myself, I like planting a tree in the person's honor and look at it every day, something alive, reminding me of that life. She had a child because she wanted you to be happy in your own life so you might want to do something special that you enjoy and honor her in that way.



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