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Tumor marker number acoording to three month blood test

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My son had his bloodwork done today and the oncologist said the last tumor marker came back
at 1.9. She stated that she was not concerned unless it was greater than 4. What does this
mean. Is 1.9 normal and mean that there is not cancer detected? He was diagnosed 2009.
Resection, September, 2009. He is doing well except for the live in the bathroom syndrome.
Diagnosed at 38. What a wonderful, supportive groupd you all are. god has been good to
my son and I believe he is healed !!

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If this is the CEA Blood test I was told by one oncologist once the test reaches 5-8 then we retest and scan. Sounds like your prayers are answered. Prayers for continued good tests.

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Thank you for your reply. I do not know what the numbers are supposed to be. He wants to go to the doctor alone. I would ask these questions if I were there. God bless you.

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Seem thinks are under control even 5 is an acceptable figure so congratulations.

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