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Anyone in/near Phoenix need a visit?

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Hi all,

I've been away for awhile dealing with the passing of Mom....it will be 9 months the 27th. There isn't a day I dont think about her...but i have found some peace here in AZ....I got a puppy in July of last year and have been training her in agility....I've begun to re-engage in life a little bit more but am forever changed....I'm sorry to see new faces here.....but glad to see old ones!!!! Anyway, my little pup and I have passed our therapy dog test and are going to be visiting with patients receiving chemo at Mayo!!!! Anyway thought we could practice first with someone from the board if you are so inclined to have a visit from a cute little pup, let me know...I think of you all everyday and this horrid, horrid disease.....

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I live in Glendale az and would love to meet someone from the board. I have two dogs very good natured would yours be ok with being around other dogs. Email me at annebehymer@cox.net. AZ grandma lives near Phoenix I think.


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I know how your Mom's passing was so difficult for you. You stood by her ,did research,asked questions, and comforted her. She is blessed to have such a loving daughter . I am so happy you are working with dogs. Show us a pic if you can. .. Don't be a stranger..val

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What a wonderful idea of your therapy dog, unfortunately I am in Western New York. Good luck to you and your puppy !

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that you have found some peace. I think what you are doing with your pup is great. Once while waiting to see my gyn/onc a person came around with a fluffy little dog. She was doing what you are and it was so much fun. I am a mushy animal lover and really miss my cat Fifty-fifty who died in July.

You will bring happiness to people and hopefully to yourself as well.


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So glad you've been able to channel your sadness and loss into something so positive and rewarding. The patients will so appreciate the visit from you and your dog.

Take care,


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would love to meet you

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