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Husband (almost) 1 yr NED

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cb girl
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I don't post often, more a lurker about I suppose, but wanted to let people know that almost 1 year after a bilateral lobectomy, RUL in Jan 2011 and LLL March 2011 husband's CT scans continue to be free and clear. When we started the onco docs could never decide if it was IIIb or IV and in the end they decided it was II, which goes to show that it still isn't an exact science and not to get carried away looking at all the scary statistics when you're first dx. So happy to be at this stage and hope that we all continue being survivors everyday! the h*** waiting for the 5 year mark, let's party today!

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Great news for your husband and you, may your husband have continued great news! Lori

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I'm so happy for your husband and you...I wish for him, and you continued health and happiness

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Great news and definitely cause for celebration! Enjoy the party.

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Tracy....Great news for sure. Both of you take a deep breath and... Party hearty! Much deserved. Thanks for sharing and caring. Blessings for continued NED! Cheryl

PBJ Austin
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I love reading success stories, thanks for sharing.

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