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appointment with Dr Orringer @ u of mi

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I have my first appt. with Dr Orringer at the U of Mi march 1 st. EUS will be sched. before that, ct of chest feb 26 , breathing test after dr appt @10am. this is all starting to get real , real fast.Looking forward , with fear to get this train rolling.

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It's frustrating to have to wait for things to happen, then scarey when the ball begins to roll. We have all been there and know exactly how it feels. Will be pulling for you as your story unfolds. Keep us posted. Sam Stage IV

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Don is finished with chemo/rad treatment - had last fluids via IV today and next Tues to Dr. Reddy @ Univ of Mich - surgery scheduled for 3/22 if tests come back ok (pretty sure they will).

I truly hope your experience will be as good as Don's has been - please keep us posted.

Hugs to you,

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Judy & Don :)

So glad that you've got a date pinned down. Our surgeon told Nick that he had completed the rough stuff - surgery would be easy after radiation and chemo. Easy might be a stretch, but it wasn't the *big* SOB that we were so scared of. Big, yes - scary, yes - but totally do-able.

Positive thoughts to you both! With much love,


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