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Count Down to Lung Resection!

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March 1st- thoracotemy to get rid of the tumor.

It still seems surreal that I am going thru a big surgery and the ensuing recovery for a small spot and for something I have NO symptoms of.

Am I being naive, that, compared to what I orginally went through, this is "no biggie"? It's like, I feel I should be far more diseased and sick to have to go through surgery and possibly chemo afterwards. Except, it is. It sucks to have to have surgery, and more pain, loss normal time, doing normal things...

I'm not complaining at all, I feel terribly lucky to have just this spot to deal with, beleive me. I am just thinking out loud is all. It just doesn't track for me compated to the original Cancer dx and all the rest of it.


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I am so sorry that you are going through this. It must be so frustrating...especially when you feel well and all. Was it the CT scan that showed something? I think it is o.k. to be angry and scared somedays or maybe even most days. I pray that all will go well for you and you will get back to "new normal" shortly.

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I know exactly what you are saying. I haven't had lung surgery but have had 3 liver surgeries. Each time I had no syptoms or pain. It took a routine scan to reveal it. I am very active. I mountain bike, kayak, weight lift so each time I have a long comeback to achieve my fitness level obtained before surgery

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forgot about it briefly , just a nightmare!.

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Hi Peg:
I am recovering from L lung lobectomy and wedge and see lung and liver surgeon tomorrow for check-up an 2nd surgery plan. I had no symptoms and lung nodules and liver tumor were discovered by some cracking I had when I
I would breath at night. CXR led to CT to Pet Scan etc. I was stage I 2008 and felt great before all this...
I find these boards helpful and encouraging.
Blessings to you and we have to be thankful our tumors can be removed and are colon tumors on the lungs.

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What is the lung surgery that you are having......is it for multiple spots....therefore bigger surgery and RFA not recommended? Did you decide to go to Sloan, or local in Chicago.?
I wish you well and get back to NED. You have always been an inspiration. You helped me to seek another opinion.

Barbebarb - - Thank you for sharing too. Please post more. You, too, are an inspiration.

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Janie 1 Have you heard how she is doing?
How are you? These boards keep me inspired thru this frustrating and painful journey

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Hi Peg, hoping your sugery went well and you are recovering great!


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Dang Peggy! I had no idea that you were going through this. You were my liver resection buddy! I had 1/5 of my lung removed though a year before the liver resection. I also felt it was so surreal. Just felt blessed that they found something before there were symptoms. If I remember correctly, the lung resect was a little easier to recover from in comparison with the liver. But WOW...have you sneezed yet???? OUCH!!!!!!

Prayers lifted......as you say!!!!

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Hi Semicolon Friends!
I was in the hospital 6 days.
Pathology returned- def. met from the colon cancer. They checked lymph nodes, and no cancer.

So now, I just need to heal and still decide if I will do the chemo recommened by my oncologist. I am waiting for a big sign or something, to tell me to take that path or not!

My incision ended up being vertival instead of horizontal- running along the bra line - my large Marge was in the way! And let me just say, it is ALL sorts of wrong for a person of my size to be going BRA-Less. I just want the incisions and the tube burns to heal so I can get my gear on! Geesh!

I def get tired during the day and periods of pain/discomfort, but doing just fine.
I need to catch up on everyone here, but sending hugs and good vibes for all you fighters.


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Glad your home and on the path to healing...good luck with your decision on whether to chemo or not :)

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Glad you are home and healing. Wishing you the best.

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So.... you're "hangin loose" these days huh??? LOL. I am so glad to hear you are doing good. I have been wondering about you. Get plenty of rest and get that body back to new. You take care. Hugs


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Glad to hear it went well. Take good care :)

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