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Got the port

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It hurts and I don't like it but I just got it yesterday so I know it will feel better soon. Just needed to sound off, I am scared and keep thinking someone is going to rescue me, I guess I just need to be strong, I am a wimp by nature.

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It's sore and weird feeling probably? I know that's what mine felt like. My mom always told me that whenever a person has any kind of 'procedure', the day after is the worst. After that it gets a little better every day. Hope the soreness goes away soon. Then you'll just have this 'weird' thing, but it'll end up saving your life - so that makes the weirdness a little easier to take. Feel better!

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I was fortunate in that I really didn't have a lot of pain with my port. However, it was very strange having that "thing" in my chest! You'll get used to it after it begins to heal. I had mine for a little over 4 months and it was just beginning to be unnoticeable when my doc told me I could have it out! You'll be glad you have it. Chemo destroys veins. If your doc didn't already give you some, ask for a script for Lidocaine cream, which can be rubbed over the port about an hour before it's accessed (stuck)--you'll barely feel the stick. As for showering the first couple of weeks, cover it with a very long piece of Glad Press 'n Seal wrap that you can run up over your shoulder. Tape down the edges with some waterproof tape and it will make showering possible and much easier.

You are going to get through this and I suspect you'll find out what inner strength you have and that you're not a "wimp" at all! Please keep us posted and I wish you and your new "friend" a comfortable day!

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Your doctors are your guardian angels and will rescue you. Keep a positive atitude thoughout this whole ordeal. You will make it through as we have. Oce you start treatments your anxiety level should go down. I know that was true with me.

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I had mine inserted last Wednesday. It was sore the first day, kind of felt like I had a muscle cramp in my pectoralis muscle but that went away fairly quickly. I now have no pain , no ache even, it just feels weird. Watch closely for excess drainage, fever and report anything like that to your MD. Remember it is a tool we need right now to make the treatments and blood draws so much easier than getting stuck over and over and will save the veins in our hands and arms for future use should we need them. It is temporary. I know its all so overwhelming but we can do this. Treatment starts on Monday for both of us I believe. I will keep you in my prayers, youre not alone.


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