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Age when diagnosed?

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What was your age when diagnosed with cancer? And, which form did/do you have?

And, if you are done with treatment, how long have you been cancer-free?

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I personally was 55, almost 56, I am 59 now.I had vulvar adenocarcinoma,stage3, a very rare cancer especially at my age.I was treated with 33 IMRT radiation treatments, that was in 2009. That same year, 6 months later my PET scan revealed hotspot on thyroid, that turned out to be cancer also, although unrelated to the vulvar cancer, so I had nuclear radioactive treatment for that.
In October 2010 my PET scan revealed another hotspot in my right femur shaft, that was followed by CAT scan from Nov. 2010 through August 2011, it had increased in size a couple of times so I had surgery Aug. 2011, it turned out to be a metastasis of the original vulvar adenocarcinoma, so I again had 18 radiation treatments to right leg. I was started on carboplatin/taxol chemo therapy Nov.10, and currently have just one more treatment to go, which will be next Thursday.
So...no, I am not done with treatment yet, and I have not been told I am cancer free in the past 3 years. BUT, I plan on being cancer free after all of this!This will be a part of my life for a while yet, but not the main part of my life. I feel very hopeful for a good outcome.
One word about the itching..I have read numerous stories about women being treated for a yeast infection and all the while it was a precursor to VIN or cancer. Unfortunately many regular doctors, even gynecologists are not familiar enough with the early symptoms of vulvar issues, so they treat it like what they think it might be. Do some research and ask a lot of questions when you see your doc, write them down ahead of time.
I wish you the best

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I was 49 at the time of dx with stage IVA cervical cancer. I am done with treatments and have remained in remission until this time. Hoping this continues as new issues have risen, so I had an MRI a few days ago...and the waiting game continues.

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I pray your MRI is clean and your remission gains the status of cure. I really hate that hurry up and wait. A game that is no fun to play. Be well and take care.

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thanx cc...keeping my fingers crossed!

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