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Liver Surgery on Wednesday Feb 22nd

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As you know I found out that my esophageal cancer had spread to my liver a few weeks ago on my 4th Cat scan a year after the surgery on my esophagus. The malignant tumor is in segment 7 at the top left of my liver. The surgeon at Mass General told me that without the surgery, there was a 100 percent chance of death so here we go again. As someone with stage IV cancer, I am quite fortunate that it wasn't located at the same time as it was in my esophagus, otherwise I would have ended up with pallative care.

I've been told there is a 98% success rate with this surgery and that there is a good chance it can be done laproscopically. They are giving me an Epidermal just in case they must resort to traditional surgery. I've been told that if once they are in there they find any other tumors, that they will back off and that's scary given the fact that it would mean the end for me. I've also been told that due to the interruption of blood supply to the liver during surgery that they will most likely have to remove my gall bladder as well. Even with MIE surgery I will still have an incision in my stomach so they can remove the liver.

Another problem that was mentioned that it is common to get absesses after the surgery which must be drained. At first I thought this was wasier that my Esophagectomy, but now it seems more involved and dangerous.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me and with any luck you'll hear from me next week after I am released. Here we go again!

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I know this is really scary. And of course the medical staff are sure to tell you all the possible complications that could occur. I think I remember someone on the board that had this surgery. Hopefully they will see your post and give you some background and reassurance.

You can be sure that you will be in my thoughts and prayers over the next few days. I will be praying and waiting for your news of a positive outcome.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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Wow! Have you ever been through it with this beast. I'm so sorry you need to have another surgery, but at the same time, I'm glad you can. Best of luck to you, may God be with you, your family,the surgeons and their assistants during this surgery.

We'll be praying for a positive outcome for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Judy & Don

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I had my MIE at Mass General by Dr. Chris Morse. Who is your surgeon? I don't know where your Esophagectomy was done, but my experience with the thoracic surgery department at Mass General was excellent, so I'm sure you will have the best care available. Good luck to you.

dx 8/03/11
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Christopher Morse did my Esophagectomy as well at Mass General and they have been led my cancer treatments from the beginning. The surgeon doing my liver surgery is Dr. Kenneth Tanabe. His credentials are excellent and I have every confidence that he is my best shot.

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So very pleased that you are able to have surgery. I wish you all the luck in the world in the hope that you make a speedy recovery so that you can continue to enjoy some quality life.

Best wishes Ann
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So hoping for a really great outcome and how lucky you are to get the chance of liver surgery, hoping it will go without complications and you will be on the mend soon. Prayers coming your way.

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Dear Jim,

I wish you a smooth surgery, a speedy recovery and a cancer free outcome! I will be thinking of you with my fingers crossed. Please come back and update, or ask your brother to let us know how you are doing.

Peace, Love and Positive Thoughts!

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Dear Gatoraid, 

I hope you are doing well and recovered from your Feb. 2012 liver surgery.  My husband is in the same boat.  He was diagnosed with Stage 3 EC and it was surgically removed July 30, 2013.  His post op PET scan this week showed activity in the segment 7 of the liver.  I guess my question is did you have any other activity other than segment 7 of your liver? Also, did the operation work for you as far as you know? 

Thanks for any information. Your post came up in a Google search I did yesterday after we got his Post Op PET scan results and I felt better by just reading it.  Thank you so much for sharing in so much detail. 

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Gatoraid has passed away.  I'm terribly sorry.  Please create a new post in this forum.  Someone here will be able to respond to you.


Best of luck to you and your husband.  EC is a challenging battle.


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