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more waiting

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Hello well I am starting to be really on edge. I went in for my ct for the kidney and to check PSA from prostate surgery, and low and behold we now have to do test for the liver saw something in ct scan that concerned them, today I did an ultrasound . Now I wait for answers.
My beautiful wife is at wits end but trying to handle it.

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The story of a cancer patient/survior's life. Hurry up, and wait. "Been There, Done That, too"
We are impatient to get the test(s) and then the results. We don't like our bulges, our scars, etc.
We can all relate to these stories; but the other options aren't very nice, either.

I was given 5-7 months at the time of Diagnosis in May of 2006. And I do like still being here to tell about it.

My husband and I just returned from 2 weeks in Mazatlan where we just unwound from a frantic business pace and this past fall's set of tests for me. I'm ready to go into the next test in a week, as they not only monitor chest/abdomen/pelvis, they have added the thyroid to the monitor schedule.

I met someone at Cancer Support Group this morning. She has just joined our "I have Stage IV Kidney Cancer" club. Bummer! With treatment, caring friends, a support group (she's a widow) and a lot of determination, we can help pull her through.

I plan to let her know about this discussion board, as it can provide a lot of information and encouragement.

Happpy Mardi Gras to all. Carnaval was just getting started when we left Mexico, but Maz. loves it's celebrations.

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Donna_lee - what was the size,stage and grade of your tumor? What was the 5-7 months based on, and what did you do in order to prove them wrong. So glad you proved them wrong!

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