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books on anti-cancer diet

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I've been following the Anti-Cancer book by David Servan-Schreiber for over a year now.
Just ordered from amazon
Foods to fight cancer by Richard Beliveau
The Plant Programme by Jane Plant (mainly breast, prostate cancer directed but could be good for us too)
because I felt the need to extend my knowledge about diet (the threads here are great on this...)
Anyone else using these books? Any other recommendations?
A book I've found really useful for the psychological side is the Cancer Survivors Companion by Dr Frances Goodman and Lucy Atkins.
Best wishes

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Thanks for sharing these books that you like. If you scroll back about three to four months, you'll see a post from Claudia asking what books we'd found most valuable. I give an annotated list of the four or five that had most impressed me on the subjects of diet and supplements.

I wish one of us had time to compile a master annotated list by gathering all these threads--similar to what Jill has generously done on nutritional tips (not quite the same as book references).


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