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what can I do

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This is my first time on here and I am looking for some suggestions. I am a caregiver to a cancer paitant, she just had her forth treatment and is very sick. What can I do to help her feel better?

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Just be there. If the meds aren't helping with the chemo, suggest that she ask her doctor for something else. Other than that, she probably just needs to know that you are there to help her in anyway you can. My husband did find the gator ade and ginger ale helped him. Each person reacts differently, and needs to find what helps them. Just hang in there. The caregivers job is tough. Seeing someone we care about suffering is very hard. Fay

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My husband's doctors got a bit sick of me, as I was very persistent about trying to find relief for his nausea (he had it forever, it seemed). They, once he lost 45 pounds, wanted him to get a PEG tube (to get fed through a hole in his abdomen). I kept pointing out that he could swallow reasonably well for someone with throat cancer - the problem was that he kept throwing up. Tube feeding might have got more nutrition into him, but would given him even more to throw up.

We went through every drug in the book. I finally suggested a combination of 2 drugs that had sort of worked and they were so tired of me, they allowed it. Wonder of wonders, it worked. Turns out it was an old combo that had been used before the "new" drugs came along - I might have even read it at some point and it resurfaced in my brain. I don't know why the better, newer drugs didn't work for him; I'm just glad we found something that did.

Keep after them - they are all good at their trade, but it helps to have someone bugging them to keep trying. No one should feel as sick as they used to in the old days - not that it's a walk in the park these days.

Give us some more details and we might be able to give specific help - between us all, I'm sure we know every recipe, massage, aromatherapy, meditation and exercise to help with just about anything.

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We need more details before we can help, which we are glad to do.

Take a deep breath and let us know what is going on.

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Be a pain in the patoot with the doc's office. When my husband first had treatment, it seems like I was constantly calling their office. They will adjust meds, as needed. Most of our communication was with the Medical Oncologist office, but I know some people have the relationship with the Radiation Oncologist if going through radiation.
Hang in there, it's a tough road for you both.

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