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leukemia symptoms experienced by all forms

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i am very serious about this question and would greatly appreciate every ones input ! ! i am currently experiencing mild night sweats,chills with no fever,lightheadedness,along with some head pain, my lymph nodes hurt off and on but no swelling! i go to see hematolgy next week! wbc was slightly elevated! theres even more but im trying to keep it short! ty for all replies as im am SCARED !

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Hi there!

i understand youre nervous but try not to worry yourself too much until you have more information. Those are common leukemia symptoms but usually the symptoms are really strong. for example you said chills no fever (youd probay have a fever) sore lymphnodes with no swelling (mine was huge!) WBC levels are usually really high as well. Good luck, dont panic til you know more worrying doesnt help anything! :)

Ladie Jazz
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Hi, I have only just joined here .... I hope your Haemotology appt went ok

My symptoms were keep falling asleep and having severe night sweats (so much that it was as if I had been in the shower) my lymph nodes didn't show up large till around a week before my Haemotology appt ..... I thought I was just going through the menopause !!! ... I started Chemo within 2 weeks, I was so scared at first, but my positive thoughts and my denial that I have Cancer has helped me through .... I just can't seem to accept I have it, and to me that isn't such a bad thing......
I wish you well, be brave ....... X

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HEllo ,

Symptoms change from person to person
I was diagnosed Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in 1987 , at the age of 12.
The only symptoms I had were : Tiredness , Sore/painfull hips. ( I could not throw my legover my boys-bike )

White bloodcell-count was ultrahigh Approx 400.000 (should be max approx 12-14.000 )

Do not panic , and even with bad news keep up a positive spirit !!
Positivism and a fighing-spirit is a BIG help in surviving !!

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