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Post Treatment Meds

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I had my first round of chemo (taxol/carbo) this past Wednesday. Reading through posts everyone speaks of meds they take after their treatments. The chemo nurse referred to my meds and I told her I wasn't given anything. Reading through the posts and some responses to some of my questions, the "make sure you take your meds" comments come up.

Should I have received prescriptions for something for after chemo-treatments? I feel like the odd woman out here!

When my onc nurse sent me on my way to infusion, she handed me a yellow folder with my test results and various other papers in it. Being it was my first time I didn't look fully through it as they took it from me as soon as I checked in. Next time, I am going to have a seat a read the whole darn thing!

Got away from myself for a minute. What do you normally get for these post days?

Thanks to all.

Take care, be well.

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It does seem unusual that you were not given at least anti-nausea meds for post-chemo days. It has been 4 yrs since i was starting my carbo/taxol regime. I was told in infusion center that my pre-meds (I took prednisone prior to going, plus received decadron, benadryl, and Emend at infusion center) would pretty much cover me for 24 hours. I was given Rx for Zofran and compazine by onc at pre-chemo visit. I never needed Zofran and only took a compazine a couple of times in the 6 cycles, but everyone's body reacts differently. I was also given a protocol sheet for handling the post chemo constipation which is due to both chemo and anti-nausea meds.

Actually, since you have apparently not needed any anti-nausea meds yet, I'd say you are doing great! But I would check with your onc prior to future cycles.

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I had the same experience as Annie - I did take the zofran for about 3 days and then compazine if I needed. I my experience, it is very unusual NOT to have these medications - vomiting is to be prevented.

I would encourage you to have a discussion about the meds and a port. You should at least have the info and weigh the pros and cons. Since I have UPSC and entering my 3 round of chemo in 3.5 years, the port has been a blessing.

Hang in there. Mary Ann

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Its just plain bizarre that they didn't give you any anti nausea medication to take after your chemo. Not that you need it but you should at the very least have it available to you. I have three different anti nausea medications - Prochlorperazine, Lorazepam & Ondansetron. I've only take two pills through 5 rounds of chemo because I "thought" I felt queasy. I was never told I had to take them, only that I had them if I needed them.

I would ask about having pills at home..just in case.

Take Care

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How are you feeling??

I agree with the ladies, post chemo meds are the standard protocol I believe...

Are you experiencing any nausea or pain?

My docs did daily check ins for the 5 days post chemo...I also got a sheet with instructions for the meds...


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I felt much better Monday. Post days 3/4 (sat/sun) I was a little nauseous. Sunday particularly so. It was just enough that my stomach turned just a little no matter what I thought about eating. I went to the grocery store and yuck!

I really felt the fatigue on Sunday. I fell asleep several times during the day. However, yesterday, I felt I had quite a bit of energy.

I am having some trouble sleeping which is unusual for me.

I was having aches, pains, twinges but those have subsided.

I spoke with the Oncology nurse yesterday and she called in a script for Zofran. Has 6 refills but only 10 pills.

Hope all is well with you.

Take care, be well!

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It's none of my business but why just 10 pills? Why so restrictive/stingy? Depending on your copay that could get pretty pricey. I'd ask for new Rx at least 30. Geez, your nurse obviously has never had chemo or he/she'd be gladly providing.

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It never made sense to me to take pills for nausea as you could vomit up the pill. Depending on your insurance, you might be able to get the same medicine as Zofran in a different delivery form. Zuplenz 4mg is peppermint flavored, melt in your mouth medicine the same as Zofran. I think it is expensive though. I liked it better than Zofran because it seemed to work faster. My family doctor gave me samples to try first.

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I thought the same thing when I picked up the script and saw it was only 10 pills. The only thing I thought was maybe they refilled the post surgery script that was 10 pills. Considering they are 1 every 8 hour doesnt go a long way. There are 6 refills. My copay was $10 on it. I will have to check with the nurse next time I go in.


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