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Yet another newbie

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As is usually the case, a tumor on my left kidney was accidentally found after a spinal MRI. It's huge: suspected 8.5 cm. I battled breast cancer 3 yrs ago, but my oncologist believes the kidney cancer is a new primary. Surgery for removal of my left kidney is Feb 27th by laparoscopy.

Those of you who have been through this, how many nights did you spend in the hospital? I live alone (with my 3 dogs) so my son will be spending a night or 2 at my house when I get home.

I read about the recliners and my urologist said they don't like them as they put pressure on your calves and there's the risk of blood clots. So I think I'll either get a pillow wedge or a body pillow to fold to make getting in/out of bed easier.

Any advice for things I can do to prepare?

Should we do a virtual celebration cruise when all our surgeries are complete. (Finally, got the nerve to read about living with just one kidney and was VERY happy to see no restrictions on coffee or an occassional Margarita!)

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Sorry to say it, but welcome. I had a radical lap and was in the hospital for 2 nights and the better part of the 3rd day. For preparation, suggestions here have included: a seat for the shower, making sure your driver takes a smooth route home (bumps hurt), making sure you have help around the house for a while, maybe a week or so. For the first few days, at least, I wouldn't want to be alone; the longer you have somebody around the better. It'll hurt for a while but it will gradually get better. Best of luck.

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By luck I mean they caught it before it spred (hopefully). At 8.5 cm you want it out ASAP. Follow Mike's suggestions. You are not going to feel like walking around except for necessities for 10 days or so. It will take a week to get your real appetite back. As for a virtual cruise why not do a real one. I did to the Caribbean 6 months post surgery. It was my survivor cruise. I just completed my 10th annual Southern Caribbean survivor cruise. My 11th is next February.

Best wishes,


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Hi DogRescuer!! I just went through exactly what your going through. I had a 7.5 tumor in left kidney. My surgery was done lapro via the DaVinci Robotic method. My surgery started at 10:00am on Monday Feb 6th and I was released at 11:00am Wednesday 8th. I was and still am very surprosed at how quickly I've recovered!!
I'm use to sleeping on my right side. I could not sleep well in the bed after the first night in the hospital. Tuesday afternoon I moved to the recliner. Let me say, I LOVED that chair!!! They kept my legs wrapped to the machine that blows them up to prevent blood clotting so I had no worries there. Much easier to get up and down from and much more comfortable.
It actually took me four days before I started feeling half normal again. The CO2 gas they blow you up with is and was my only pain after surgery. From my shoulders to my lower abdomen. Until you pass most of the gas from your body, you may be very sore. Also, they gave me some narcotics after D/C but I found that Tylenol X-tra Strength works better for me. Other than that, I am now two weeks post-op and I am about 70%. I've been around that since Day 6 post-op. Guess it's gonna take a while for the ol body to get back to normal after such a traumatic event.
Hang in there, After all the stories I've read and people I have encountered (some I've known for years!!) living with one kidney, I think we are gonna be just fine!!

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Hi I am so sorry you had to join this group,I think you had been thru enough already with your first cancer and now this.Hey if it counts for anything I myself have three dogs I adopted from the animal shelter so maybe I might be considered a dog rescuer but then again maybe I am the lucky one since I love my dogs.Hey we might only have one kidney but no fear we can still live a long life with just one and anyways I think our big hearts make up for that,so good luck and keep us posted.

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Hi Doggy, I have full kidney and 7.5 cancer removed 6 Jan 2012 6 weeks ago,the best thing I did was to find this site, and read as much as possilble about others, I found it most interesting, I went in Sat 7-00am opperation 12-00 till 4-00 so was in and out of sleep over Sat night, sitting up in bed on pillows, Sunday 12-00 legs out of bed and about 20 very small steps,then a few more in the afternoon, ,Monday morn I was up at 6-00am wash and shave, My water works were afected by the anastetic,wasnt able to go till noon time,but soon as I had passed water it was off home for 4-00,Another patient next to me went home Sunday 12-00 after just 24 hours I think every bodies case is different,he was 52 Im 61,I had 5 pillows at home in bed to sleep on, it was on my back for 1 week then I found I could sleep on my right side curled up, it was 3 weeks before I could sleep on my belly, try to exercise as soon as you can just a bit at a time because it really did wear me out at first,im now walking 45 mins in a morning and the same in the afternoon sorry to go on and on, I am having 1 more week off work as I feel well enough to go back,please ask if you have any more questions, some questions my seem trival but Im sure we have more info if you want, Errol, Staffordshire UK

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write. There's just a wonderful feeling of support from others who have been on this journey.

I'm taking in all your valuable suggestions. I bought new PJs and sheets today!

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Noticed that today (02/27) was your big day. I hope and pray that everything went well for you and that you will be back on the Board shortly. Tom

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