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I'm Scared!! ;(

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I went in the er for a cough and they kept me a day to monitor me, say that I have a mass on my lungs thats about 2 inches and 1/12 inches. Biospy on Monday just going thru a lot of emotional stuff not handling it to well, if any one out there and understand I can use all the support I need.

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I know you're scared... it's normal. It's really scary - get a support group of family and friends around you ~ you will need strong shoulders to cry on. make sure you have someone go with you to your appointments and make notes. you will not be listening and you will forget.

if you smoke - STOP NOW!

take one day at a time. Praying for you.

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It is ok to be scared. All of here were scared at one time or another....some of us are still scared. We have just learned not to let give that fear the power to control us. I am sorry that you have had to come here for support, but you have come to the best place. I know it is hard to do and even harder to believe that someone is telling to relax, try to get some rest and breathe! Remember I have been there more than once! I will keep you in my prayers for a good outcome Monday! Please keep us informed of what is going on with you and your results. I am going in for surgery Monday myself. Breast cancer 2008 and now lung cancer 2011. They will be removing my left upper lobe of my lung. To be honest with you....I am very scared! But I know that with my strength, my support here and at home and my faith....I will be fine. Might take me a few months, but I will be fine! Stay in touch and God Bless!

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I'm scared, it will be a lot easier once you have answers, even if they're not really answers you want. Often that's better than this horrible fear of the unknown, especially with this disease. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you get good results, and there's great support here regardless.

Ellen, will be thinking of you, too.

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Ellen, I'll say my prayers tonite for your surgery to go well tomorrow.May the Good Lord be with you.I wish you good luck and a speedy recovery.


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Hope your biopsy went smoothly. Soon your monster will have a name. When you have that, then you will know what tools you can use to fight it, gravity returns and the freefall begins to feel more like a roller coaster. Seriously, you have connected to a great resource here.

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