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Another Newbie with a question

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Hi all! I was diagnosed Jan 9th 2012 with RCC. 7.5cm Tumor on left kidney. Very similar story, went to Dr. for what I thought was food poisoning, and found out by accident on abdominal CT.
I had a robotic radical Feb 6th. I am now two weeks post-op. I am doing pretty good considering everything with one exception. I have had a numbness-tingling-almost painful to touch sensation from my left groin down approx. 8 inches on the inside of my left thigh. This just started two days ago, but kept me from sleeping most of last night. I am going to call my Dr. Monday morning, but thinking this may be normal(??) after reading some of the posts on here. Any help or advice would be Greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi RanMan,
Welcome. I'm sure most of us experienced some weird things after surgery. My left kidney was removed and I had a pain in my left side for about a year whenever I ate a little too much. It went away eventually. The left thigh is a strange place to have a problem after kidney surgery, but hopefully it's just one of those post-surgery mysteries that disappear on their own. But definitely call your doctor about it.

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We all have had unusual aches and pains following the surgery. If the pain is bad and continues call your Dr. immeadiately. Err on the side of caution. Probably nothing we hope.


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Hey All. Thanks and I will be calling my Dr. on Monday. Your right about the pain in your left side Mike. I've had that a couple of times and its usually 20 or so minutes after I eat too much....Kinda hard not to do when she cooks an awesome Meal!! :-)

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OK, ready for this? ..Subcutaneous femoral nerve syndrome. Result of either incision or compression of upper thigh.

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