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4 best supplements

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I was watching the Dr. Oz show yesterday and a guy was talking about the 4 best supplements to prevent cancer. They were IP-6, black raspberry, selenium, and vitamin D3. I already take vitamin D3 and was wondering if anyone else is taking any of the others? I am always looking for things to do to prevent recurrence. Thanks.

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do some research using google scholar and you will see that it goes well beyond these supplements. for example research polyphenols cancer and signaling pathways.

keeping glucose at low end of normal range and IGF-1 normal will help a lot. this means controlling what you eat inclduing not overeating protein. one of the best things anyone can do in terms of what they consume is to shift to a varied plant based diet.

One example of a plant extract which is undergoing clinical trial is curcumin from tumeric.

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Nana b
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See my profile. Vitamin D3 is good to take with Calcium. Tumeric is good to take with pepper. Berries a good to eat alone, first thing in the morning before you eat anything else. Milk Thisltle is good for repairing the liver.

MY ONC didn't give my ONC didn't give credit to anything but the tumeric, my Naturopath liked all that I was taking. I stopped my supplement after being NED for 2 years and now my CEA is rising, getting back on track. Have to test it out.

It works for some and not for others. Lisa tried everything and nothing seemed to help her. Neither did chemo though.

STRESS my ONC said NO STRESS. Eat healthy, everything in moderation. Limit red meat, limit dessert. EXERCISE

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yes, my wife's ONC also pushed tumeric and later mentioned milk thistle. she is a vegetarian so also encourages the reduction of animal based foods. agree about D3 - has plenty of good research to back it up.

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i think we should have an excess of survival. everything else can be moderate.
until i get to the ned and all clear i maybe a touch extreme.
i don't feel this disease gives me any wiggle room, everyday i get news, its like one step forwards and two steps backwards.

remembering lisa's enormous sharing in her journey really gave me support. i would not have the health i have today if it was not for her kindness and sharing.

i don't see much room for moderation on my path, but thats me.

i loved that you mentioned exercise, no stress and eat healthy. so we agree on these except moderation and this is just with respect to me.


ps i have found a clinical trial thats off the radar with regard to iv vitamin c and colorectal. pm me if you or anyone is interested. its not public imagine because of the potential abuse and the controversy over iv C and chemo.

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forgot to mention angiogenesis, a very important process in our bodies and an important area of research.

site also list foods which inhibit cancer growth and associated research. some of the ingrediants in foods are available as supplements. but first just educate yourself on this. a key biological drug which is given along with chem for certain cancers is Avastin. it works by inhibiting angiogenesis

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I am taking on advice,

D3, Turmeric capsules, probiotic yoghurt or capsules, and Monavie juices alternating green,yellow and purple.

It works for me, of course the veggie juicing is a big plus twice a day with some ginger,Omega 3 and garlic.


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You might want to consider the Life Extension Foundation supplement protocols on cancer and colorectal cancer. Likewise there are number of cancer nutrition-supplement books out.
"Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients" Blaylock,
"Beating Cancer With Nutrition - Revised" Quillin
have been two popular books.

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Because bromelain increases the absorption and anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin, it is often combined with turmeric products.

Read more: http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/turmeric-000277.htm#ixzz1mg7VFmZe

A little pineapple with your curcumin??

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good advise...

and if you want, they will put a doctor on the phone with you, as they did with me, to discuss specifics and provide evdidence in the way of studies. I did that with my wife's stage IV crc and was able to get much needed clarification as to how to use a couple of supplements.

agree, the Quillan book is also good

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